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A graduate of Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, John Bock started his full-time employment at Bock Water Heaters in 1963.  Many summers and after-school hours were spent in his father's footsteps learning the business.

John was chief engineer in charge of R&D. In 1990, after his brother Robert retired, John took over as company president/CEO.  John, like his father, Oscar Bock, was an inventor. He was always looking for new water heater designs and ways to improve on the patented Turboflue-Bock's claim to fame.   In his career, he developed several new models and was directly involved in building the Turboflue machines.  His contributions continue to make Bock a leader in the water heater industry.

John was involved in several industry organizations including GAMA and ASHRAE.  He also took pride in the fact that the company contributed to the community and was active in local organizations.   John was an enthusiastic sailor and loved the water.  He attended many regattas.  He was also an avid ice boater and not only built them but taught his children, Carl and Catherine, the skill.

John touched many lives with his warm smile and love for life.  He had a way of empowering people. His love for his employees was reciprocated by the longevity of many.

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