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Bayfield Regional Conservancy
“The Bock Foundation’s commitment to protecting old-growth forest in Wisconsin was a life-saver in the Nature Conservancy’s Great Lakes Eco-Regional Plan. In late 2005 we had 89% of the funding lined up and were desperately seeking the final 11% when the Bock Foundation responded with support. The Foundation’s mission of protecting old-growth trees in Wisconsin was a good fit, and John Bock’s love of old-growth trees is honored in permanent protection of this land. The Nourse Sugarbush (right) is 280 acres of the largest stands of old-growth sugar maples and northern hemlocks in Wisconsin. It is destined to be Wisconsin’s next State Natural Area. We are grateful to have the Bock Foundation step in with the final funds needed to make this deal happen and protect this land forever.”

Ruth Oppedahl, Bayfield Regional Conservancy
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Northwoods Land Trust
“The John C. Bock Foundation has been a critical partner for the Northwoods Land Trust in helping to keep the northwoods the northwoods. With funding assistance from the Foundation, we have protected over 1,825 acres of privately owned woodlands and wetlands, 1.2 miles of river and stream corridors, and 5.7 miles of natural lake shorelands. These properties have also included five DNR-identified “wild lakes,” special gems in the northwoods that are now protected forever. The John C. Bock Foundation has helped leave a lasting legacy of woods and waters for the northwoods that will be enjoyed by all the generations to come.”

Bryan Pierce, Executive Director, Northwoods Land Trust
P.O. Box 321, Eagle River, WI 54521

(Above) “Wild lakes” protected by conservation easements through the Northwoods Land Trust, will retain their natural old-growth and maturing forested shorelines in perpetuity. Photo of Drott Lake, Town of Plum Lake, Vilas County, protected by landowners Tom and Eileen Pawlacyk.
(Right) Over 2,500 feet of natural shorelands on Snipe Lake west of Eagle River, Vilas County, have been protected by the Northwoods Land Trust in partnership with the John C. Bock Foundation and area landowners. Shoreland buffer zones feature maturing and old-growth northern hardwoods with super-canopy white and red pines. These shorelands will remain in their natural state in perpetuity.

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Door County Land Trust
“When the Door County Land Trust had the opportunity to protect a 332-acre forest along the shores of Lake Michigan within the city limits of Sturgeon Bay, the Bock Foundation stepped forward with leadership support to help make this purchase a reality. This parcel had been proposed as a site for a coalfired power plant and an industrial park. Instead, with the Bock Foundation as partners, the Door County Land Trust established the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve and, in doing so, preserved forever oldgrowth hemlock and white pine that grace this pristine lakeshore property. We can’t thank the Bock Foundation enough for their leadership and vision in preserving Wisconsin’s best remaining forest ecosystems.”

Dan Burke, Executive Director, Door County Land Trust
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(Left) The woodland forests and marshes of the Guckenberg-Sturm Preserve with its massive swamp white oaks is an example of the diversity of landscapes the Bock Foundation grants have helped preserve forever.

Northeast Wisconsin
Land Trust

“The John C. Bock Foundation has made it possible for Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust to preserve some of our region’s finest forestlands, mature trees and unique natural areas. Forevermore, people will be able to experience the awe and marvel of standing in the presence of these great trees and then, one day, the shadows of their offspring. Generations of children will have the pleasure of reaching their arms to embrace trunks of massive girth, and our world will retain something of the majesty of Wisconsin’s ‘Big Woods.’ All this has been made possible because the Bock Foundation cared enough to preserve some of our finest natural lands and the few remaining stands of old-soul trees left to us.

“From the lowland forests and marshes in the center of busy urban areas like the Fox Cities to the peaceful wild shorelines of northern Wisconsin’s lakes and streams, the Bock Foundation has helped Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust preserve a large variety of special and beautiful landscapes in northeast Wisconsin for both people and nature.

“We give our heartfelt thanks to the Bock Foundation for their support in preserving the pristine natural values on many conservancies. The people of Wisconsin will be able to enjoy these treasures forever.”

Deborah Nett, Executive Director, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust

(Above and left (Forests and trees protected by Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust

(Above) Hidden Lake Conservancy, 320 acres of forestland and an entire northern lake in the midst of Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

(Left) Lake Archibald Conservancy (conservancy completion expected in 2011) is home to stands of super-canopy, old growth white pine.

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Baraboo Range Preservation Association

“The John C. Bock Foundation has joined with Baraboo Range Preservation Association to protect two key parcels in the Baraboo Hills.

“The Foundation made it possible for BRPA to complete an easement which, together with two other easements, protects the East Bluff of the Lower Narrows and an important geological study area. Later this year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources purchased a parcel, which added to two other parcels, protects the West Bluff of the Lower Narrows and forms the Lower Narrows State Natural Area. Thanks in part to the Foundation’s support, the natural beauty, biological diversity, and geologic features of the Lower Narrows will be preserved and available for current and future generations to appreciate.

“We greatly appreciated how patient and flexible the Bock Foundation was as the unfolding of the land protection project on the east bluff changed.

“The second project links the Bock Foundation’s commitment to old-growth forest with a landowner’s love of his large grove of old oak. Like the Lower Narrows, protection of this parcel expands on adjacent forest protection work by BRPA and the WDNR.

“The Bock Foundation has been a valued colleague in the overall effort to bring lasting protection to key areas of the Baraboo Range and the plants and animals those areas harbor.”

David Wernecke, Baraboo Range Preservation Association

The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College

Northland College“The John C. Bock Foundation has provided critical support for The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College – strengthening our shared commitment to environmental sustainability through citizen education, facilitated partnerships, and preservation activities that contribute to healthy forest ecosystems."

"Support from the John C. Bock Foundation allows Northland to work with multiple property owners and associations to develop Northland Collegethe interpretation, protection, and restoration planning of mature boreal forest communities in the Lake Superior basin, and to study and understand the functional role of mature forests within watershed ecosystems."

"Foundation support recently allowed Northland to lead two Chequamegon Bay communities to achieve Tree City USA status and utilize a community-based approach for the management of a mature urban forest."

"Northland also provided ground- work with the National Arbor Day Foundation to develop criteria and national standards for sustainable management of green infrastructure on college campuses for the launching of a Tree Campus USA endorsement.”

Michael A. Miller, president
Northland College
1411 Ellis Avenue
Ashland, WI  54891

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